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Applications available for 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy

Beef industry professionals can apply now to be part of the Class of 2019-2020. COLLEGE STATION, Texas. – Applications are open for the 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy. Now in its second year, the academy offers a one-year, comprehensive online certificate program to beef industry professionals through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. “Our inaugural class is wrapping up their learning experience, and student feedback so far has been tremendous,” says Reinaldo Cooke, program coordinator and associate professor at Texas A&M University. “We worked to develop the strongest course… Read More →

Setting up an African Elephant “BQA”

Ted Friend, retired Professor Emeritus in the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University, recently returned from two weeks near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, helping to get the private owners of elephants in Southern Africa organized to start an animal welfare assurance program, similar to the successful BQA.  The populations of elephants in the federal parks in Zimbabwe and other southern African countries soared to the point of necessitating a major culling program 20 years ago, and the parks are similarly becoming overcrowded with elephants again.  Private land… Read More →

Study: Severe Air Pollution Can Cause Birth Defects, Deaths

A team of Texas A&M researchers says breathing bad air can result in numerous problems for pregnant women. By Keith Randall, Texas A&M University Division of Marketing & Communications In a comprehensive study, researchers from Texas A&M University have determined that harmful particulate matter in the atmosphere can produce birth defects and even fatalities during pregnancy using the animal model. The team of researchers from Texas A&M’s Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Geosciences, the Texas A&M Health Science Center, and colleagues from the University of California-San… Read More →

Managing a calving and breeding season without removing bulls

By: Dr. Bruce Carpenter & Dr. Thomas Hairgrove “A cow should have a calf every year.” For most cow-calf producers this is a true statement because the cow costs the same amount of money to keep – whether or not it raises and weans a calf to sell. Based on the most recent Texas A&M AgriLife Standardized Performance Analysis (SPA) database, it costs the average Texas producer $796 to keep a mature cow around for a year. Of course, not everyone is “average.” The lowest-cost-quartile producers only spent… Read More →

Students, staff, faculty recognized at annual awards banquet

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, the Department of Animal Science held their annual awards banquet. This event is a celebration of students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends who have made significant contributions to the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University and the field of Animal Science. The following students, staff, and faculty were recognized at the event. Hillary Martinez Z.L. Carpenter Outstanding Graduate Student Award in Meat Science Martinez is a PhD student studying under Dr. Rhonda Miller. Her research focuses on evaluating human emotions using… Read More →

Salvato receives President’s Award for Advising

Amber Salvato, academic advisor III in the Department of Animal Science, was awarded the President’s Award for Advising during an awards ceremony held Thursday, May 2, 2019. Noting that good academic advisors are critical to student success, the President’s Award for Academic Advising is presented to individuals who exemplify the qualities and practices of exceptional academic advising. Advisors receiving this award are distinguished from among their talented peers.  Recipients exhibit, among other qualities, strong interpersonal skills; caring, helpful attitudes; a mastery of institutional regulations, policies, and procedures; ability… Read More →

Cardoso wins the Dr. William A. Dugas Early Career Award for Research Excellence

By Kaitlyn Harkin Dr. Rodolfo Cardoso, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science, received the 2018 Dr. William A. Dugas Early Career Award for Research Excellence from Texas A&M AgriLife Research. The Dr. William A. Dugas Early Career Award for Research Excellence was established in 2018 as recognition to Dr. Dugas upon his retirement. The $5,000 annual award honors an early career AgriLife Research Faculty member, who has “made an exceptional contribution to the agency and research in the prior year.” Cardoso received a D.V.M. in 2005… Read More →

Important roles of animal protein in human nutrition and health

By Dr. Guoyao Wu, or 979.845.1817 The English word protein originated from the Greek ‘‘proteios,’’ meaning prime or primary. This term is very appropriate in human nutrition, because protein is the most fundamental component of tissues in the body. Dietary protein (the source of amino acids) provides the body with nitrogen, hydrocarbon skeletons, and sulfur and cannot be replaced by any other nutrients. Amino acids are physiologically essential precursors for the synthesis of proteins, peptides, and low-molecular weight substances (e.g., glutathione, creatine, nitric oxide, dopamine, serotonin, melanin,… Read More →

Equine PhD candidate participates in international conference

By Dr. Jessica Leatherwood, or 979.862.3654 The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) in conjunction with the Asociacion Mexicana Cuarto de Milla (AMCM) welcomed over 60 participants to their second annual educational seminar at the Hipódromo de las Américas racetrack in Mexico City, Mexico, on November 16-18, 2018. These international educational seminars allow for industry professionals to interact and to share their experiences and knowledge with youth, amateur and professional riders, as well as owners, trainers, and veterinarians. This event also helps promote the Quarter Horse breed internationally…. Read More →

Bull selection includes muscle potential

By Dr. Joe Paschal,, 361-265-9203 The mesquite is beginning to leaf out and that has always been a sure sign of one thing – spring. Spring in South Texas and the Gulf Coast is when most of our herds calve and when many of us buy replacement bulls (actually I bought mine in December but hang with me here). Most of us still sell our calves at weaning so besides a sound footed, fertile, and easy calving bull, well-muscled bulls are always in high demand. In the… Read More →