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Annual Summer Horsemanship School Program – For over 40 years, the Texas AgriLife Extension, as part of the Texas A&M University System, has trained instructors to teach basic horsemanship skills to youth in various counties across Texas. The program has played a vital role in the improvement of riding abilities and general knowledge of the participants, advancing leadership and communication skills of the instructors, and developing a network of positive relationships throughout the 254 counties in the state. The success of the summer horsemanship schools is largely due to the genuine interest and commitment to help people improve and succeed, regardless of their level of experience.

A Gathering of Goat Producers – A Gathering of Goat Producers is a two-day conference held each July that focuses on complete training for goat producers.

Aggiefest Horse Judging Workshop – The Horse Judging Workshop is intended to give youth an opportunity to practice judging horses in a low stress environment. The workshop will include a basic idea of what to look for when judging individual performance classes and halter. English and western classes and an optional halter class will be provided for youth to judge. Placings, cuts and critiques will be discussed following each class.

Aggiefest Livestock Judging Contest – For more information, please contact Caleb Boardman.

Aggieland™ Lamb & Goat Camps – Held each July, the Aggieland™ Lamb & Goat Camps are designed for youth lamb and goat exhibitors and their parents. The three-day conference includes information on youth goat show programs, feeding, showmanship, show preparation, etc., and features some of the state’s leading experts on junior meat goat and lamb competitions.

Aggie Processed Meat School – This workshop engages participants in important aspects of meat processing from raw materials and ingredients to manufacturing procedures and finished product. Each participant will obtain a better understanding of each segment of a processed meat production system.

AI/Pregnancy Determination Clinics – In order to provide practical and relevant education and service to ranchers, Texas AgriLife Extension in the past has worked closely with industry groups to offer educational programs in artificial insemination (AI) and pregnancy determination in cattle.

Beef Cattle Short Course – Held annually at Texas A&M University each August, this 3-day conference includes complete training for beef cattle producers.

Beef 101 – This three-day intensive hands-on program is offered three times a year at Texas A&M University. It is designed for anyone who has an interest in expanding their knowledge of the total beef industry. This is the leading education program for basic information about the beef industry provided anywhere in the U.S.

Beef 706 – Several Beef 706 seminars are held throughout the year. Each session of Beef 706 involves approximately 30 key invited leaders from various segments of the beef industry, who are provided the opportunity to learn about the importance of producing a more consistent and high quality product though a series of hands-on lessons presented by various meat science faculty, staff and graduate students.

Creative Sausage Making – Led by Dr. Wes Osburn, our expert on sausage making. He will be accompanied by some of the best hands-on sausage experts in the region and our undergraduate and graduate students. This particular seminar is targeted toward those who truly want to learn the art and science of sausage making for home or a small business.  Everyone will make their own sausage batch using equipment that might be used in a small shop, at home or at the deer camp. If you want to register for the course, please follow this link to AgriLife Register (

Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation Symposium – The Dr. Kenneth & Caroline McDonald Eng Foundation was established in memory and as a legacy to Caroline who loved life, cattle and cattle people, and as an avenue to help future scholars while enhancing beef cattle research. A symposium is held yearly as an outlet for universities to present research being conducted through grants provided by the Eng Foundation. The research targets the improvements of beef cow efficiency and profitability by intensive and semi confined production systems. The 2014 symposium was held at the Embassy Suites, San Antonio Riverwalk, September 18 & 19th and was hosted by Texas A&M University and the Eng Foundation. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Oklahoma State University also participated. Attendees include researchers, students and cattle producers alike.

Dr. Raymond O. Berry Memorial Lecture – Dr. Raymond O. Berry was a member of the faculty of Texas A&M University for many years and contributed significantly to establishment of the discipline of reproductive immunology through his pioneering studies involving embryo transfer to evaluate genetic factors affecting reproduction. This lecture is presented annually by a distinguished scholar in the field of reproductive immunology to address important issues in animal agriculture, veterinary medicine and human medicine.

Equine Metabolic Disease, Neonatal Health and Disaster Management Conference – For more information, please call 979-845-5796.

Equine Reproductive Management Short Course – This is a three day course designed for owners and breeding managers. It is an integrated effort across teaching and Extension faculty.

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Meat Judging Camp – The FTA Meat Judging Camp is held each July. The camp focuses on grading concepts, evaluation techniques, and selection methods.  Any 4-H and FFA members are welcome to attend.

Grassfed Beef Conference – This two-day conference explores all facets of grass-fed beef production and addresses an overview of the beef industry; defining natural, grass-fed and organic beef; growing forage – the fundamentals; cattle types suited for grass-fed beef; forage-based nutrition for cattle; preventative herd health; handling cattle for wholesome beef; carcass fabrication; consumers and their expectations; marketing a unique product; and economics and sustainability.

HACCP Training Courses – Several HACCP training courses are offered throughout the year by the meat science section and the International HACCP Alliance. Both introductory and advanced courses are available. Register online.

New Mexico/Texas Highlights Conference – This conference is held annually to report activities of New Mexico and Texas Extension Specialists and Research Scientists. This joint meeting will take place on October 11, at the Clovis Civic Center in Clovis, New Mexico. The meeting will focus on the latest research and demonstration results from the two universities. Additional topics covered will include immigration and making decisions on feed purchases. For more information, please contact Dr. Ellen Jordan at 972-952-9212.

Pork 101 – Pork 101 is hosted by AMSA in cooperation with the National Pork Board and is sponsored by Elanco Animal Health. PORK 101 is co-sponsored by the American Association of Meat Processors (AAMP), American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), North American Meat Institute Foundation (NAMIF) and the Southwest Meat Association (SMA). Registration for AMSA members and other partnering organizations is $800. Non-member registration is $950.

Rosenthal Lecture Series – The Rosenthal Lecture Series, held each fall, is designed to bring together meat industry representatives with the meat science academic group at Texas A&M University to hear presentations on current topics and to share information and form linkages.

Southwest Beef Symposium – For more information, please contact Dr. Bruce Carpenter or Dr. Ted McCollum.

Tamu Ranch Horse Program – This program is designed to offer practical and beneficial management tips to owners and managers of the working ranch horse.  Participants will gain insight into topics such as Nutrition, disaster preparedness, health care, hoof and dental maintenance, and more from knowledgeable professionals.  Sessions will also be conducted in the arena to provide insight on training principles for starting, finishing and using the ranch horse prospect.

Texas A&M University Horse Judging Camp – The Horse Judging Camp is a three-day event in which youth will be instructed in judging performance and conformation classes along with giving oral reasons. Camp fees include housing, food, instruction, and evening fun.

Texas A&M University Livestock Judging Camp and Clinic – The TAMU Livestock Judging Camp is held each June, and offers two sessions. Camp registration is open to students ages 10 and older. The camp is conducted by TAMU Livestock Judging Team coaches and members. A one-day clinic is held each March.

Texas Beef Quality Producer Program – This program is a collaborative effort of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, Texas Beef Council, and Texas Cooperative Extension. Beef Quality Assurance is a national effort guided and driven by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association promoting the use of sound management practices in increasing consumer confidence in beef as a wholesome product. BQA Certification is offered via CD or at several educational workshops throughout the year.

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