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Ellen Jordan

Jordan, Ellen
Ellen Jordan
Professor & Extension Dairy Specialist
Texas A&M Center in Dallas
Undergraduate Education
B.S. in Animal Science and Agricultural Journalism, Iowa State University
Graduate Education
M.S. in Animal Science, Oregon State University
Ph.D. in Animal Science, Oregon State University
Fellow of American Dairy Science Association 2014

Dr. Ellen Jordan is professor and Extension dairy specialist located at the Texas A&M Center in Dallas. She is also a member of the dairy science section in the Department of Animal Science. She received her bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University with a double major in animal science and agricultural journalism. She received her master’s and doctorate in animal science from Oregon State University.

Jordan coordinates research-based educational programs for dairy producers, and helps producers plan, execute and evaluate production and management systems. She also develops training and teaching materials to enhance and strengthen educational programs in dairy cattle production and management.

Since 1994, she has edited the proceedings for the Mid-South Ruminant Nutrition Conference. She edited the proceedings for the National Symposium on Alternative Feeds for Dairy and Beef Cattle (1991) and the National Reproduction Symposium (1994). For 10 years she served as editor for the reproductive section of the National Dairy Database. She also edited the Dairy Integrated Reproductive Management (1984) manual. In 1991, she was selected as a dairy show honoree by the West Virginia Dairy Cattle Show and Festival. In recognition of outstanding scholarship, leadership, fellowship and character in service to agriculture, Jordan was awarded membership in the Centennial Honor Roll of Alpha Zeta.

Professional memberships include the American Society of Animal Science, the American Dairy Science Association, the Society for the Study of Reproduction, National Mastitis Council, Dairy Shrine, Texas Animal Nutrition Council, the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, Epsilon Sigma Xi and Gamma Sigma Delta. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of the American Dairy Science Association (2001-2004) and the American College of Animal Nutrition (2000-2003).