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The Aberdeen Angus Herd at Texas A&M University
Established in 1907
by Drs. Larry Boleman & Jim Sanders

A herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle were established at the A. and M. College of Texas in 1907 and has held a prominent position in teaching and research at Texas A&M University since that time. The foundation animals of the herd were two cows, Oplin Pet by Maple Lawn Jock and out of Leon Pet, and Oplin Zarilda 2 by Eturion and out of Leon Zaras. The former was calved February 5, 1905 and the latter on January 19, 1906. The third foundation female, Oplin Itopet, calved February 18, 1908 by Andy Ito and out of Oplin Pet was secured. These females were purchased from their breeder, G. O. Creswell of Abilene, Texas. For many years the herd consisted of the offspring of these three females.

Since the original animals were secured, only three females were added from outside the herd. These cows were Evelyn Pride W., her daughter Edella Pride 50, and Edella Ideal W. 12 and were purchased from Mr. B.P. Evans of Fort Worth, Texas, and Shelbyville, Tennessee, in 1927. All of the females in the herd through 1960 were descended from four of these six foundation cows.

Texas A&M College conducted an intensive breeding program through the 1950s producing and selling champion show cattle. The College purchased show-type champion bulls and produced the grand champion female at the 1939 Houston Fat Stock Show and the State Fair of Texas. This female went on to become the first prize senior heifer calf at the International that year where she sold to Cold Saturday Farms, Finksburg, Maryland, for $2,000. Another daughter, Revemere’s Pride 92, just thirteen months of age and never fitted or shown, sold in the 1946 Houston Sale of the Texas Angus Association for $2,000 to J.M. Petitjean of Thornwell, Louisiana. Revemere of Wheatland 11 also sired several steers which were champion or reserve champion Aberdeen Angus at the Houston and Fort Worth shows.

In the 1950s, the College began selecting cattle with more emphasis on performance information. As early as 1946, replacement females were selected on weaning weight and grade. Although more attention was paid to grade than weaning weight in the earlier years, a gradual trend toward greater emphasis on weaning weight and gaining ability has been evident, particularly since 1950. Procuring Sterling Bandolier L2 and Essar Marshall L4 marked the first time that fully tested young bulls with high performance records were available. Sons of Viewlawn Bardolier 435 and Black Prince of 77 were tested in 1957 and 1958 at Substation No. 23, McGregor and at the Fort Worth Selected Bull Feeding Test, Aledo. The sons of Black Prince of 77 stood up well in both of these tests, particularly the one at Aledo. The sons of Viewlawn Bardolier 435 were only about average in gaining ability.

The herd has gone through numerous changes from 1960 to present. Today, the herd of 36 Angus cows at College Station is used mostly for student teaching on campus. Twenty to 25 head are registered annually and the herd is maintained under very practical conditions and minimal management. The Texas Agricultural Experiment Station at McGregor maintains approximately 120 head of Angus and another 50 head jointly with Calco International, Itoham Company, in Japan for research purposes.

Donors & Herd Sires

Sitz Barbamere Jet 70L TAMU MISS DARA U1031
Twin Eagles Vixon 938M EXAR McCoy 2798

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