Emersion and Education in advancing beef technologies

The Texas A&M – 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy is a flagship component of our educational mission; a certificate program tailored to advance the knowledge of global beef production. Students will have access to emerging technologies in cattle reproduction, nutrition, genetics, health, and welfare pertaining to all phases of beef production, as well as the quality and safety of beef and its products. The Department of Animal Science leads the 44 Farms International Beef Cattle Academy and is based on comprehensive online coursework taught by internationally-renowned Texas A&M faculty and guest lecturers, concluding with experiential learning opportunities at the Texas A&M University – College Station campus.

Advancing knowledge to enhance beef production and quality

The ideal International Beef Cattle Academy student is enthusiastic and willing to improve their understanding by learning the most up to date and emerging information in the industry.

Comprehensive online coursework taught by experts

Modules are taught with an online based format with pre-recorded lectures. Each week there is an interactive session which allows for one on one student/instructor interaction.  These interactive sessions are customized, unique experiences based on the needs and demands of the students. World-renowned researchers and educators teach the modules from around the globe.

Topics covered by the program include:

  • Cattle welfare and behavior
  • Forage production and utilization
  • Nutritional management and requirements
  • Reproductive physiology and management
  • Breeding and genetics
  • Immunology and herd health management
  • Safety of beef products
  • Carcass and beef quality

A one-year certificate program

The Texas A&M – International Beef Cattle Academy consists of nine courses of 30 hours each, with six completed courses required for certification. Following the online portion, there is an optional residency period and graduation held in conjunction with Beef Cattle Short Course.

Building a foundation for tomorrow’s beef industry

The International Beef Cattle Academy has limited class sizes to offer an exclusive and customized learning experience to students. Applications for the 2018-2019 academy are closed. For questions about the 2019-2020 IBCA class, please contact ibca@tamu.edu.

The Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M

With 114 years of formal existence and a tradition of making a positive impact, the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University is the most preeminent and globally-recognized department of its kind. Our exceptional faculty strives to meet the needs of citizens by providing knowledge and training through innovative and cutting-edge teaching, research, and Extension programs. Current and future challenges associated with a growing world population and an increasing demand for animal protein compel us to take the initiative in leading the world toward food security through efficient, sustainable, and profitable beef production. Our vision is to provide unparalleled leadership, best practices, and training to beef industries worldwide through excellence in research and educational ventures.

International Beef Academy Program Coordinators

 Reinaldo Cooke
Associate Professor
Beef Cattle Production
Ky Pohler
Assistant Professor
Beef Cattle Production

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