Sheep & Goat Center

The Texas A&M Sheep & Goat Center offers a diverse array of opportunities and information for producers, students, and any persons involved with the sheep and goat industry. Our flock of 160 Hamp-Suffolk type ewes, 35 Southdowns, and a small herd of Boer cross goats, offers us diversity from a teaching standpoint. Students receive hands on training, thus allowing for a better understanding of general sheep production, nutrition, reproduction, handling, and other important factors.

Research is also in our main focus. Our facilities offer us diversity in terms of feeding and nutritional research, as well as the ability to venture into more intense reproductive research including A.I. and E.T. programs.

Our Extension Program stretches from large to small commercial producers, including 4-H and FFA members across the state and nation. Through our annual production sale that focuses on club lamb production, as well as quality rams and ewes to fit both commercial and show needs. We strive to fit our customers with top genetics and quality animals.

We are always available for any questions you might have and our facility is open to the public for visitation at any time. Please contact us as we are here to help you.

Texas A&M University Sheep & Goat Center
7707 Raymond Stotzer Parkway (Hwy 60)
College Station, Texas 77845
(979) 862-5099

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