Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology Center

The Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology Center (RMSTC) is the most comprehensive facility of its kind in the U.S., devoted to the development of science and the application of that science to the solution of problems in animal and meat science. The 29,538-square-foot-facility includes a retail meat sales store, a multi-species harvesting facility including receiving and holding pens, four large meat coolers, a processing/fabrication area, two cutting rooms, three smokehouses, and a meat packaging area. It is equipped to process all types of meat products including beef, pork, lamb, sausage, and other products. It is also used extensively to support the teaching, Extension, and research functions of Texas A&M University.

The Rosenthal Meat Science Center products are inspected by the Texas Department of Health and are establishment No. 1 by the Department of Health. These officials ensure that the meat products are from healthy livestock, follow clean and sanitary handling procedures, and assure wholesome products.

The Rosenthal Meat Sales area is a full-service meat retail area which features a variety of meat and dairy products including beef, pork, lamb, sausage, beef jerky, Blue Bell ice cream, and much more.  The retail products are processed at the Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center.  The retail area is open to the public.

Additionally, the Rosenthal Center includes a 148-seat classroom that allows for easy transport of meat product from the coolers to the classroom while still on the rail. This makes it ideal to bring fresh meat products and carcasses into the classroom for optimal hands-on learning. The classroom is also equipped to handle all types of audiovisual equipment. In addition to teaching, it is often used for conferences, seminars, industry clinics, judging contests, and other Extension efforts. A small conference room is also available for meetings accommodating 10 people or less.

The Rosenthal Center office area includes two office suites that house the center manager’s office, graduate student offices, and the offices of the International HACCP Alliance.

The Center was dedicated in 1983, in honor of E. M. “Manny” Rosenthal, a former student of Texas A&M and chairman emeritus of Standard Meat Co.

Rosenthal Meat Science & Technology Center
Ray Riley, Meat Center Manager
488 Olsen Blvd
College Station, Texas 77843
(979) 845-5651

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