Coverdale receives Outstanding Young Professional Award

RUIDOSO, NEW MEXICO – Dr. Josie Coverdale, associate professor in the Department of Animal Science, received the 2013 Equine Science Society Outstanding Young Professional Award on May 31 at the society’s annual symposium.

coverdaleIn her current position, Coverdale teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in equine nutrition. She also directs research in equine nutrition with an interest in forage utilization and hindgut fermentation. Previous research has focused on the use of by-product feeds, effectiveness of probiotic preparations, passive immunity in foals, and nutritional influences on equine exercise physiology.

Coverdale was nominated for this award because of her commitment to excellence both at Texas A&M University and the equine industry.

“Dr. Coverdale continues to make her mark in her undergraduate and graduate animal nutrition courses, and she brings recognition to the department by participating in national and international equine outreach programs,” said Dr. Tom Welsh, professor of physiology of reproduction in the Department of Animal Science.

“She has a knack for developing protocols to attract the support of grantors which enables her to develop undergraduate and graduate students into researchers as she generates knowledge for use by the equine industry.”

Coverdale received a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Texas A&M University, a master of science in equine nutrition from Iowa State University, and a doctorate in calf nutrition from Iowa State University. Coverdale served as an assistant professor at the University of Georgia teaching courses in animal nutrition and equine management before joining Texas A&M University in 2006.


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