Texas A&M Bazer receives Pioneer Award

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Dr. Fuller Bazer was recognized with the Pioneer Award at the 8th annual International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium held Sept. 3-7, 2010 in Anchorage, Alaska. Bazer is a regents fellow, distinguished professor and holder of the O.D. Butler Chair in the Department of Animal Science.The Pioneer Award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to science through the development of novel technologies, the creation of new knowledge, and the mentoring of the next generation of ruminant reproductive biologists.Dr. Bazer has a comprehensive knowledge and passion for reproductive biology and its implications in the broader world of scientific research which has been acknowledged by his receipt of numerous awards. He has had a lifelong commitment to graduate education and training postdoctoral fellows, and his research has involved partnerships with more than 90 trainees (graduate students and postdoctoral fellows).


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