Quantifiable Animal Performance

Animals are biological transformers of low-quality feedstuffs (e.g., forages and grain byproducts) into high-quality foods (e.g., meats and milk) for human consumption, as well as raw materials such as wool and leather for clothing and accessories. In addition, some livestock (e.g., horses) are used for transportation and/or recreation. Thus, animal agriculture plays an important role in improving human nutrition, growth, development, and health, as well as economic and social developments worldwide.

Influential innovation in animal production

Our goal is to serve as a world leader in quantifiable animal performance and to create and utilize novel models and critical metrics for evaluation and assessment of animal performance across species and disciplines. This specialty will enhance livestock and equine industries through the development and distributing of information and strategies for the optimization of animal performance to students, producers, industry professionals, and the public. 

Discovery and innovation in quantifiable animal performance are critical for the assessment of animal production and value. Recognizing that this area both influences and is influenced by a variety of social and environmental factors.

Potential applications include:

  • Preclinical detection and mitigation of disease
  • Monitoring and management of animal and animal handler welfare
  • Precision nutrition
  • Productivity and efficiency of feed use
  • Antimicrobial replacements
    • Rates of carbon dioxide and methane emissions per unit of output
    • Early detection of metabolic diseases and lameness, (viii) muscular endurance and athletic capability
    • Detection of the onset of parturition and estrus
    • Optimized feed delivery in confinement situations,
    • Evaluation of forage quality and monitoring of stocking rate in grazing animals
    • Support of individual-animal management systems, and development of biosurveillance networks to mitigate potential emerging-disease threats.

Research and publications in the Areas of Excellence

Department of Animal Science Areas of Excellence

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