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Kerri Gehring

Gehring, Kerri
Kerri Gehring
Professor, Presidential Impact Fellow, Meat Science; Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Collaboration & Associate Dean for Administration
AGLS Suite 512
Undergraduate Education
B.S. in Food Science, Texas A&M University
Graduate Education
M.S in Nutrition, Texas A&M University
Ph.D. in Nutrition, Texas A&M University
Department of Animal Science “Outstanding Service Award,” 1993
One of Meat Processing’s Rising Stars, March 2000
Vice Chancellor’s Award in Excellence for Industry/Agency/Association Partnerships, December 2000

Dr. Kerri B. Gehring is a professor in the meat science section of the Department of Animal Science and president and CEO of the International HACCP Alliance. Gehring is a three-time graduate of Texas A&M University. She received her bachelor’s in food science in 1986, master’s in nutrition in 1989, and doctorate in nutrition in 1994. She completed a dietetic internship in July 1989 and passed the American Dietetic Association’s registration exam in October 1989.

She has been actively involved with the HACCP Alliance since it was formed in March 1994, and has contributed to the growth and accomplishments of the Alliance. Prior to becoming the president and CEO of the HACCP Alliance, Gehring served as associate director and helped standardize HACCP training programs, assisted with the development of the train-the-trainer course and the accreditation program for HACCP training providers. She received a USDA grant to lead the efforts to develop ten generic HACCP models for USDA. The International HACCP Alliance is recognized worldwide as a resource for HACCP and food safety activities.

Gehring is also a meat science faculty member at Texas A&M University. She team-teaches a HACCP course for graduate/undergraduate students and coordinates various HACCP and food safety industry training programs. Gehring has worked closely with the food industry to provide valuable assistance in implementing HACCP programs.

Prior to joining the International HACCP Alliance, Gehring was on the nutrition staff of the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University for two years. She taught seven different human nutrition courses and served as the director of the combined graduate degree – dietetic internship program.

Gehring has published multiple refereed journal articles and other publications, co-authored two book chapters, and presented at multiple national meetings. She is an active member in the American Meat Science Association, the American Dietetic Association, and the Institute of Food Technologists.