Competitive Teams Claim Recent Titles

Four Department of Animal Science competitive teams have claimed championships and other accolades at various contests this month. Below are the latest results from the Horse Judging Team, Livestock Judging Team, Meat Judging Team, and the Texas Aggie Rodeo Team. Congratulations to all!

Horse Judging Team

The Texas A&M Horse Judging Team traveled to Columbus, Ohio, to compete at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress on October 12. The team finished strong having a clean sweep across the board. They were 1st as a Team in Halter, Performance and Reasons, claiming Champion Team Overall by 21 points.


  • High Individual Halter: Megan Miller
  • 2nd: Kelsey Morgan
  • 3rd: Grace Ritter
  • 4th: Kensi Parker
  • 10th: Raylee Ezzell


  • High Individual Performance: Megan Miller
  • 8th: Kelsey Morgan
  • 9th: Raylee Ezzell


  • High Individual Reasons: Raylee Ezzell
  • 2nd: Megan Miller
  • 6th: Grace Ritter
  • 7th: Kelsey Morgan

Top ten individuals overall

  • High Individual Overall: Megan Miller
  • 4th: Kelsey Morgan
  • 8th: Kensi Parker
  • 9th: Raylee Ezzell

Megan Miller also claimed the $500.00 scholarship from the National Horse Judging Team Coaches Association.

Limited Division

  • Reserve High Individual Overall: Madison Rosenbaum
  • 5th High Individual: Megan Gajdica
  • 11th High Individual: Alivia Farrell

The team is excited to prepare for World Show coming up in a couple of weeks. The team is coached by Sarah Schobert and Assistant Coach Hannah McLochlin. The team is sponsored by Aggieland Outfitters, Circle P Feed & Supplies, Texas Equine Hospital, Mohawk Flooring, Shining C Grulla Horses, Boerne Marine, Texas A&M University – College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and Texas A&M Animal Science.

The 2022 All-Star Team is represented by Hailey Bell, Raylee Ezzell, Megan Miller, Kelsey Morgan, Kensi Parker, Gracie Ritter, Courtney Wall, John Wofford. The limited competitors included Alivia Farrell, Megan Gajdica and Madison Rosenbaum.

Livestock Judging Team

The Livestock Judging Team has recently competed at the State Fair of Texas and The American Royal.

State Fair of Texas Results

The team was honored to attend the State Fair of Texas with special guests Dr. Savell and Dr. Skaggs at the banquet. Dr. Skaggs was the 2022 Honoree at the banquet for his years of coaching, mentorship and leadership to livestock judging. We greatly appreciate both of their leadership and support. Below are the results from the State Fair of Texas Livestock Judging Competition:

Overall – Champion Team

  • Michael Rezendes – 1st
  • Logan Jackson – 2nd
  • Logan Thomas – 3rd
  • Gunner Crawford – 5th
  • Carter Burgin – 8th
  • Katie Kempen – 9th

Reasons – Champion Team

  • Katie Kempen – 1st
  • Michael Rezendes – 2nd
  • Maddie Schroeder – 3rd
  • Logan Jackson – 4th
  • Gunner Crawford – 5th
  • Carter Burgin – 7th
  • Logan Thomas – 9th
  • Kristen Massingill – 10th

Cattle – Champion Team

  • Logan Thomas – 1st
  • Michael Rezendes – 2nd
  • Gunner Crawford – 3rd
  • Lauren Thomas – 6th
  • Katie Kempen – 7th
  • Seth Hilfiker – 8th
  • Logan Jackson – 10th

Hogs – Champion Team

  • Carter Burgin – 1st
  • Katie Kempen – 2nd
  • Logan Jackson – 3rd
  • Michael Rezendes – 4th
  • Gunner Crawford – 6th
  • Tar Tut – t-10th

Sheep/Goats – 3rd Team

  • Kristen Massingill – 4th
  • Logan Jackson – 5th

The team would like to thank Darryl Real and his whole crew at the State Fair for such a first-class event. We also appreciate the following firms for allowing us to workout in preparation for the contest.

  • Buck Cattle
  • Shipwreck Cattle
  • BCR Ventures
  • Select Heifer Sale
  • West Southdowns
  • Boardman Livestock

American Royal Results

As always, the crew at the Royal put together an extremely high-quality and thought-provoking contest and we appreciate the first-class event!

Overall: Reserve Champion Team

  • 1st Reasons
  • 1st Cattle
  • 3rd Hogs
  • 7th Sheep/Goats


  • Michael Rezendes- 5th overall, 5th hogs, 10th reasons
  • Logan Jackson – 11th overall, 5th sheep/goats, 7th reasons
  • Katie Kempen – 15th overall, 5th reasons
  • Kristen Massingill- 2nd Cattle
  • Gunner Crawford- 7th hogs

Thanks to the following firms for the high-quality stops.

  • Chabot Show Lambs
  • Jackson Cattle
  • 6 Mile Creek
  • Express Ranches
  • Oklahoma State University Centers
  • Sandridge Land and Cattle
  • 6E Cattle
  • Ratliff Cattle
  • Kempker Livestock

Meat Judging Team

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Meat Judging Team had a successful trip to the American Royal coming home as champion team. The contest was coordinated by AMSA and held at Nebraska Beef at their plant in Omaha, NE. Below are the results from the competition.

All 4 team members were in the Top 10 and 4 were in the Top 10 Alternates!

  • Overall Team – 1st
  • Beef Grading – 1st
  • Beef Judging – 2nd
  • Total Beef – 1st
  • Lamb Judging- 1st
  • Pork Judging- 2nd
  • Placings – 1st
  • Reasons – 2nd


  • Nathan Barrett – 3rd Overall, 2nd Beef, 3rd Specs, 3rd Reasons
  • Alexandra Smith – 6th Overall, 5th Pork
  • Gage Walsh – 8th Overall, 1st Lamb, 5th Beef Grading
  • Avery Foster – 9th Overall, 2nd Beef Grading, 5th Placings


  • Rylie Philipello – 1st
  • Bailey Lamb – 6th
  • Morgan McKinzie – 8th
  • Molly Hicks – 10th
  • Cassie Brown – 11th
  • Abby Tack – 13th

The team is coached by Kaylee Greiner and the coordinator is Jennifer Wyle. Now, they will rest up and head out again for the High Plains Contest in Friona, Texas, on Sunday, October 30th.

Texas Aggie Rodeo Team

The Texas Aggie Rodeo Team competed in the Southwest Texas Junior College Rodeo October 7-8 in Uvalde, Texas. The women’s team were Reserve Champions with Madalyn Richards claiming the Women’s All-Around Champion title. Other results are as follows:


  • Gavin French: Split 4th Long Round, 4th Avg

Steer Wrestling

  • Trace Harris: 5th Long Round, 6th Avg


  • Owen Gibson: 1st Avg, 2nd Long Round
  • Madalyn Richards: 1st Long Round


  • Sydney Harris: 5th Avg
  • Emma Smith: 1st Long Round, 6th Avg
  • Victoria Procter: Split 2nd Long Round

Goat Tying

  • Madalyn Richards: Split 2nd Long Round, Split 3rd Avg

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