Texas A&M Summer Horsemanship School Program Celebrates Its 50th Year

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension’s Summer Horsemanship School Program just completed its 50th consecutive year of sending collegiate horsemanship instructors throughout Texas to teach horsemanship. This tremendously successful educational program serves to strengthen the foundation of horsemanship and develop advanced riding skills for youth, as well as adults.

Throughout the spring semester, four Texas A&M students, Hannah Cain, Grace Freeman, Reagan Hoelscher, and Shelby Snidarich completed rigorous training in horsemanship, teaching, and both western and english disciplines. They engaged in immersive experiences in jumping, showmanship, stock horse, barrel racing, and cutting, to name a few. A total of 15 horsemanship schools across the state of Texas were taught in June. Hannah and Grace taught seven clinics starting in Uvalde, going into the panhandle of Texas, and all the way to Oklahoma State University. Reagan and Shelby taught seven clinics from Kaufman, down through Bryan/College Station, and into Sinton, Texas. Lexi Romo and Amanda Baxter, two Animal Science graduate students, who taught horsemanship schools in 2021, lent a helping hand to teach one clinic in Caldwell, Texas.

“The Summer Horsemanship School Program has a profound impact on grass-roots level horsemanship. These clinics are designed to deliver relevant and helpful information to all levels and ages of horsemen,” said Chelsie Huseman, Ph.D., an assistant professor and Extension horse specialist in the Department of Animal Science.

Over 1,500 schools have been taught over the course of 50 years. To date, this program has trained 276 Texas A&M students in horsemanship instruction. “The thousands of riders, volunteers, and leaders that have been impacted by this program over the years is a testimony to its significance,” said Huseman.

More information about hosting a Texas A&M Summer Horsemanship School in your area can be found here https://animalscience.tamu.edu/livestock-species/equine/summer-horsemanship/ or by contacting Dr. Huseman at chelsie.huseman@tamu.edu.

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