Meat Judging and Lamb & Goat Camps Host Youth in Aggieland

Aggieland Lamb and Goat Camp

The 24th Annual Aggieland Lamb and Goat Camps were held in July hosting 185 youth exhibitors and 250 adults. These three-day camps teach the fundamentals feeding, nutrition, health, facilities, selection, and showmanship of lamb and goats. Some of the state’s leading experts also joined to talk about junior meat goat and lamb competitions.


Meat Judging Camp

The Texas A&M Meat Judging Team hosted 61 youth participants from 3 different states during Meat Judging Camp July 21-23. Camp was hosted at Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center and the campers spent the first two days in sessions evaluating beef, lamb and pork, learning retail identification and practicing beef yield and quality grading. The campers also got to spend an evening at Big Shots Golf in Bryan and do a tour of Kyle Field. The final day of camp entailed of a contest for the campers to test out their skills. Jennifer Wyle (Lecturer and Meat Judging Team Coordinator), Kaylee Greiner (Graduate Assistant and 2022 Meats Team Coach), and Trent Stolowski (Graduate Assistant and 2023 Meats Team Coach) led the camp along with 10 members from the 2022, 2023, and 2024 teams. A special thanks to Ray Riley for supplying the camp with product and use of the facility and to Dr. Davey Griffin for leading sessions on retail identification. Camp was also made possible due to the generous sponsorships from the following: Greg and Sara Gossett with Ful-O-Pep and A Special Stitch, Trey Brooks, Amanda Smith, Klein Smokehaus, HEB and Texas 4-H.

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