Youth Workshops

41st Annual Summer Horsemanship School Program – For over 40 years, the Texas AgriLife Extension, as part of the Texas A&M University System, has trained instructors to teach basic horsemanship skills to youth in various counties across Texas. The program has played a vital role in the improvement of riding abilities and general knowledge of the participants, advancing leadership and communication skills of the instructors, and developing a network of positive relationships throughout the 254 counties in the state. The success of the summer horsemanship schools is largely due to the genuine interest and commitment to help people improve and succeed, regardless of their level of experience.

Aggiefest Horse Judging Workshop – The Horse Judging Workshop is intended to give youth an opportunity to practice judging horses in a low stress environment. The workshop will include a basic idea of what to look for when judging individual performance classes and halter. English and western classes and an optional halter class will be provided for youth to judge. Placings, cuts and critiques will be discussed following each class.

Aggiefest Livestock Judging Contest – For more information, please contact Brant Poe.

Aggieland™ Lamb & Goat Camps – Held each July, the Aggieland™ Lamb & Goat Camps are designed for youth lamb and goat exhibitors and their parents. The three-day conference includes information on youth goat show programs, feeding, showmanship, show preparation, etc., and features some of the state’s leading experts on junior meat goat and lamb competitions.

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Meat Judging Camp – The FTA Meat Judging Camp is held each July. The camp focuses on grading concepts, evaluation techniques, and selection methods.  Any 4-H and FFA members are welcome to attend.

Livestock Judging Clinic – For more information, please contact Mr. Brant Poe at 979-845-7616.

Texas A&M University Horse Judging Camp – The Horse Judging Camp is a three-day event in which youth will be instructed in judging performance and conformation classes along with giving oral reasons. Camp fees include housing, food, instruction, and evening fun.

Texas A&M University Livestock Judging Camp – The TAMU Livestock Judging Camp is held each June, and offers two sessions. Camp registration is open to high school students. The camp is conducted by TAMU Livestock Judging Team coaches and members.

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