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AgriLife Extension experts: Livestock parasites, pests likely to proliferate due to wet weather

By: Paul Schattenberg, 210-859-5752,  paschattenberg@ag.tamu.edu Dr. Rick Machen, 830-278-9151, rick.machen@ag.tamu.edu Dr. Reid Redden, 325-653-4576, reid.redden@ag.tamu.edu Mary Wicksten, 979-845-3388, m-wicksten@tamu.edu Dr. Mike Merchant, 972-952-9204, michael.merchant@ag.tamu.edu UVALDE — Excessive rains in many parts of the state have Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service experts concerned about the possibility of increased parasite and pest activity with livestock. “Wet weather creates conditions favorable for parasites to infect animals on pasture,” said Dr. Rick Machen, AgriLife Extension livestock specialist based in Uvalde. Machen said with the recent wet weather the biggest challenge for cattle… Read More →

Research focuses on reducing heat stress for calves in plastic hutches

Media contact: Blair Fannin, 979-845-2259, b-fannin@tamu.edu Contact: Dr. Ted Friend, t-friend@tamu.edu COLLEGE STATION – A recent series of studies found reflective covers to be beneficial for dairy calves housed in calf hutches. Dr. Ted Friend, a retired Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientist and professor in the department of animal science a Texas A&M University in College Station, has studied several reflective films for use in covering calf hutches to reduce heat stress on calves and determined that an inexpensive film is “very effective in improving comfort and health.”… Read More →

Noted animal welfare expert Ted Friend to retire after 38 years at Texas A&M

Writer: Blair Fannin, 979-845-2259, b-fannin@tamu.edu COLLEGE STATION – For 38 years, Dr. Ted Friend has walked up and down the stairs of the Kleberg Animal Science Building at Texas A&M University where he established himself as a national expert and researcher on animal behavior and welfare. “It’s been a lot of fun,” said Friend, who will soon retire from the department, reflecting back on his career that began at Texas A&M in 1977. He was hired at A&M following graduation from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with… Read More →

The Five Freedoms of Cattle

Writer: Ron Gill, 979-845-5705, rgill@ag.tamu.edu Animal welfare is a topic of a lot of discussion across the livestock industries. One philosophy regarding welfare management and oversight centers on a concept of five freedoms livestock under our care should be granted. Now, one could argue about the term “freedoms” and what that might imply, but when a closer look is taken of these freedoms, one realizes it is a pretty good list of what managers of livestock should strive to provide. The Five Freedoms are: Freedom from thirst, hunger… Read More →