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Department of Animal Science introducing new judging team

By: Dr. Courtney Daigle In November, the Department of Animal Science sent the first Animal Welfare Judging Team to compete in the 17th Annual Intercollegiate Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Contest at Iowa State University.  Over 250 graduate, undergraduate, and veterinary students from 18 universities across the US and Canada evaluated the welfare of farmed fish, meat rabbits, racing greyhounds, and finisher pigs.  This year’s undergraduate team placed 8th and was coached by graduate student, Rachel Park and advised by Dr. Courtney Daigle, assistant professor of animal welfare. … Read More →

The Five Freedoms of Cattle

Writer: Ron Gill, 979-845-5705, rgill@ag.tamu.edu Animal welfare is a topic of a lot of discussion across the livestock industries. One philosophy regarding welfare management and oversight centers on a concept of five freedoms livestock under our care should be granted. Now, one could argue about the term “freedoms” and what that might imply, but when a closer look is taken of these freedoms, one realizes it is a pretty good list of what managers of livestock should strive to provide. The Five Freedoms are: Freedom from thirst, hunger… Read More →