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2016 ANSC Study Abroad: Australia

Writer: Tana Luna This summer, 39 Aggies in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences went down under during the Agriculture and Animal Production study abroad to explore agricultural practices in Australia. The trip took place from July 28 – Aug. 12 and was led by Dr. Shawn Ramsey and graduate student, Kayley Wall. This study abroad program allowed students to explore the regions’ livestock industry including beef, dairy, horse, and grain/crop production systems. The program offered a wide range of experiences from meeting with leading producers, in-depth touring… Read More →

England, Ireland Study Abroad

The England and Ireland Agriculture and Animal Production study abroad program offered a group of 28 animal science students a complete educational experience including tours of notable cities and landmarks, the scenic countryside and coastlines, a taste of local cuisine, visits with leaders from agricultural associations and in-depth tours to numerous farms and agricultural centers. The main focus of the study abroad program explored many aspects of the regions’ livestock industry including sheep, beef, dairy, horse and grain production systems. The student group included Elizabeth Barrier, Kylie Bennett,… Read More →

Early’s desire to learn leads to international experience

By Olivia Norton ’16 For Nessie Early, pursuing new and enriching experiences is nothing out of the ordinary; however, an opportunity to travel to Rome, Italy, has proven to be one of her most rewarding journeys as a student at Texas A&M. Early received a bachelor’s in animal science in May 2013 but wanted to learn more, a desire that led her to an internship with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations this past fall. A highly prestigious internship, Early was up for the task… Read More →