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Become a Member of our Team
We hope you will choose Texas A&M University and become a member of our award-winning livestock judging program. We believe in recruiting students with integrity, honesty, and a work ethic that involves relentless dedication and competitive drive. Our program is built around these attitudes and beliefs, and they have proven successful for the Texas A&M team for many years.

Why choose Texas A&M?

Why choose Texas A&M and the TAMU Livestock Judging Team? The answer is simple. There are very few institutions of higher learning that can provide:

  1. A consistently competitive livestock judging program that has evolved into a perennial powerhouse with full support from a nationally respected, highly prestigious animal science department.
  2. We care about your future! We do not just care about you while you are judging; instead we pride ourselves in placing our judging team members into great industry positions with successful and secure companies and also into high-class graduate programs to further your education.
  3. The Tradition. Being an Aggie is more than just your time spent at A&M pursuing a degree, because once you become an Aggie and wear the Aggie ring you are part of a world-wide network. This network is continuously growing and takes honor in assisting young Ags with prospering in their chosen fields.

Basically, you will be a part of a unique program that will enhance your livestock evaluation skills, perfect your public speaking abilities, give you exposure and job opportunities/graduate degree programs with the very best companies and institutions in the world.

What do I do to join?

We encourage sophomores at Texas A&M to enroll in ANSC 215 to obtain fundamental knowledge of livestock evaluation and how to properly speak oral reasons. We strongly recommend those students who want to be on the team to enroll in this class. Then these students and all transfer student will enroll in ANSC 315 in the following fall semester. This class will take a more-in depth approach to livestock evaluation and oral reasons. Those students coming out for the team will begin practicing during the latter part of the fall and evolve into our junior team.

Texas A&M University Livestock Judging Team
Mr. Caleb Boardman, Livestock Judging Team Coordinator


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