Dairy Challenge Team

About The Dairy Challenge Team

Dairy Challenge team membersThe Dairy Challenge is a competition for students interested in dairy production and management. In this competition, team members evaluate the production information and management techniques of a dairy and make recommendations for improvement.

This competition allows students to apply theory and learning to a real-world dairy while working as part of a team. The team spends a morning evaluating a dairy operation and develops a comprehensive program for improvement. The evaluation by a team of experts is based on the analysis and recommendations to the dairy producer. This team competes at the Regional and National Dairy Challenge competitions, which rotates year-to-year between different land-grant universities.

Meet The Coaches

Students interested in the Dairy Challenge Team should contact Dr. Sushil Paudyal or Dr. Michael Tomaszewski. Training takes place the semester prior to competition.

Dr. Sushil Paudyal
Dr. Michael Tomaszewski


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