Equine Reproductive Management Short Course

Description: The Texas A&M Equine Reproductive Management Short Course on January 11-13, 2023, is designed for owners and breeding managers who want to learn the most efficient methods for ensuring the success of their breeding programs. The three day course will include classroom sessions on anatomy and physiology of the mare and stallion, control of the estrous cycle, gestation and foaling, feeding the broodmare and young horse, and estrous cycle manipulation of mares. Hands-on laboratory activities are scheduled each day and will include semen collection and evaluation, estrous detection, artificial insemination, body condition scoring, perineal conformation evaluation of the mare and foaling management. The course content includes a broad range of topics that are useful for horse owners in any segment of the breeding industry.

Participation is limited to 12, to ensure adequate time and animals for everyone to develop the skills they desire. The registration fee includes lectures and laboratory sessions, lunch and refreshments each day, written materials and a certificate of course completion.

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For more information on the in person or online course, please contact Dr. Chelsie Huseman by email at chelsie.huseman@ag.tamu.edu or by phone at 979-845-5264.


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