Online Horse Judging

The Online Horse Judging Course is offered through Agrilifelearn and is designed for youth and collegiate horse judging team members, their coaches, and anyone interested in learning more about horse judging. Learning objectives include, understanding the rules for each class, applying the judging guidelines to each class by judging video classes and learning to articulate placings during oral reasons. Extensive practice class video library including oral reasons for each class. New content added throughout the year! Course fee: $200/year
The Horse Judging Sampler course contains free introductory materials for the beginner learning about evaluating halter and performance classes.Course fee: FREE
Stock Horse Training A to Z is a 12-part video series is designed to be a self-tutorial learning experience to give older youth and adults, who are experienced at basic riding and horse handling, a step-by-step guide to the training of western performance horses.Course Fee: $30/individual or $200/group

Texas AgriLife Extension Online Horse Judging Videos

The Online Horse Judging videos are designed to assist horse judging team coaches and judging team members in their quest to become more knowledgeable and more skilled judges. Each month a series of videos on a specific topic is released and includes an introductory video, 2-horse videos (for less experienced judgers) and 4-horse videos (for more experienced judgers).

Background information, score sheets/placing cards, and practice videos are included in the course. Official placings and cuts are included, as are critiques of the class and/or reasons. Additionally, videos that allow practice on penalties are included.

2015 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Horse Judging Contest Videos


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