2017 Statewide Artificial Insemination and Pregnancy Determination Schools

In order to provide practical and relevant education and service to ranchers, Texas AgriLife Extension works closely with industry groups to offer educational programs in artificial insemination (AI) and pregnancy determination in cattle.

In addition to the actual, hands-on training using live cattle in these two techniques, participants will devote half of their time to classroom instruction in herd management. Topics covered include:

  • anatomy and physiology of reproduction,
  • principles and techniques of artificial insemination,
  • management application and techniques of pregnancy determination,
  • semen handling and thawing,
  • estrous synchronization,
  • selection and time of the breeding season to optimize fertility,
  • successful feeding and mineral programs for the breeding her,
  • genetic selection and record keeping programs,
  • replacement heifer development and management,
  • management to avoid calving problems, and
  • herd health programs.

Participants are given a comprehensive manual on AI technique and management. In addition, participants also enrolled to take the pregnancy determination training will be provided a manual on Pregnancy Determination in Cattle. School curriculum time also is devoted to other subjects, and participants are given an introduction to the Texas Beef Cattle Management Handbook with information on securing a personal copy.

Please Note: To be eligible for training in pregnancy determination, participants must have had previous AI training or be concurrently enrolled in AI training. Training received from any of the major AI companies or a college/university course will satisfy this requirement.

Prices for the specialized training are variable and depend upon the choice of the sponsoring company. Currently fees have been set at:

  • AI and pregnancy determination (taken concurrently from Bovine Elite) – $900 ($250 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking, it will go towards the cost of the class)
  • ABS $1000
  • Artificial insemination taken alone – Bovine Elite, LLC – $600 ($250 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking, it will go towards the cost of the class); ABS $575

The registration fees are necessary to defray the expenses associated with the technical training. Registration normally begins at 8:00 a.m. on the first morning of the school except for weekend schools which start at 6:00 p.m. on Friday. All participants must complete a practical examination in each technique on the last afternoon of the school.

Please Note: The cooperating company, either Bovine Elite or ABS handles registration. Contact information given below.

It is imperative that participants contact the school coordinator at least two weeks in advance, since schools not having the minimum number of participants may be canceled. Advance registration is requested and can be obtained by contacting the appropriate coordinator at one of the following phone numbers or Web sites. All companies require a deposit with advanced registration, which will be applied to the full registration amount.

American Breeders Service
Joe Wilkerson (940.372.0558) – fbsjoe@ntin.net
Max Payne (806.669.4284) – mkpayne@wildblue.net

Bovine Elite, LLC
Carl Rugg (979.693.0388) – http://www.bovine-elite.com/aipalp.asp

The schedule below indicates the schools that have been scheduled for 2016. The date, location (town/city), and sponsoring company are listed. The exact location for the school should be obtained from the respective clinic coordinator.

Location Company Date
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC February 6-9, 2018 (FULL)
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC March 20-23, 2018 (FULL)
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC April 10-13, 2018 (FULL)
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC May 15-18, 2018 (FULL)
Gainesville* American Breeders Service* *
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC June 12-15, 2018 (FULL)
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC September 11-14, 2018 (registration opens July 1, 2018)
Clarendon** American Breeders Service** **
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC October 9-12, 2018 (registration opens July 1, 2018)
College Station Bovine Elite, LLC November 13-16, 2018 (registration opens July 1, 2018)
If a school you were wanting to attend is full, contact the sponsoring company for possible openings due to a registration cancellation.
*Contact Joe Wilkerson at 940.372.0558 or fbsjoe@ntin.net.
**Contact Max Payne at 806.669.4284 or mkpayneabs@wildblue.net.
Bovine Elite, LLC contact: Carl Rugg at 979.693.0388 or http://www.bovine-elite.com/aipalp.asp

For more information, contact:
Bruce Carpenter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Livestock Specialist
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
PO Box 1298
Ft. Stockton, TX 79735
Tel. 432.336.8585
Fax. 432.336.3813

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