Junior Beef Project Information


Basic Considerations for Junior Beef Cattle Projects by Stephen Hammack & Jason Cleere

Feeds & Feeding for Junior Beef Cattle Projects by Stephen Hammack

Managing Beef Cattle for Show by Larry Boleman, Dennis Herd & Chris Boleman

Sick Calves: How Do You Know by Stephen Hammack

Texas Major Show Steer Classification by Jason Cleere, Jim Mazurkiewicz & Stephen Hammack

The Facts on Optaflexx™ by Jason Cleere

The Facts on ZilmaxTM for Market Show Steers and Market Show Heifers by Jason Cleere

Use of Preventative & Therapeutic Drugs in Show Animals by Floron Faries

Previous Major Show Steer Weight Breaks by Jason Cleere

Texas Show Steer Breed Classification by Jason Cleere, J.D. Ragland, E.L. Schneider & Stephen Hammack

Trends in Junior Steer Characteristics – Houston Livestock Show

Carcass Contest Results

Characteristics of 2009-Top Placing Steers at Houston by Stephen Hammack

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