Do I have to go to College Station or another specific location to take the classes?

No. The IBCA is entirely offered online, except optional period of Experiential Learning, offered at the end of the course at Texas A&M campus in College Station, TX.

Is it required to participate in the Experiential Learning period in College Station?

No. This activity is optional, but highly encouraged because of the unique experience and one on one contact with instructors.

Is this course equivalent to an Animal Science or similar Bachelor Degree?

No. The IBCA is a Certification Program offered through AgriLife Extension

 What is included in the tuition fees associated with the IBCA?

All the online course work, Interactive Sessions and all local expenses associated with Experiential Learning

Do I have to take all the courses to get a Certificate?

No, there is a minimum of 6 courses to get the Certificate from the IBCA.

What are the prerequisites to apply to the IBCA?

There are no specific prerequisites. Previous background or experience with cattle or other livestock species is encouraged

If I am an international student, do I have to take an English test (i.e. TOEFL) to apply to the IBCA?

An English test is not necessary, however, students must be able to understand English in order to be able to complete the course.

Does the course include Instructor – Student interaction time?

Yes. Every week Interactive Sessions are held to provide Instructor – Student interactions. Students are encouraged to participate, ask questions and bring their own day by day issues related to the cattle industry to the classroom environment. The Sessions are recorded and made available to all students. Interactions via emails or any other media are also encouraged.

Any additional questions, feel free to contact us at ibca@tamu.edu

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