Helpful ANSC Advising Videos

Below, please find several helpful how-to videos from the academic advising office. Please be aware that you will be required to log-in with your TAMU Gmail account before you can view these videos.

Understanding the class schedule columns in Howdy:

How to complete the Lab Safety Acknowledgement:

How to check restrictions and prerequisites on classes:

How to complete the Howdy Terms of Use:

How to make a registration worksheet (and register from it):

How to complete the location update in Howdy:

How to complete your Degree Planner;!!KwNVnqRv!QKsKtePGT-DatFJvf3vDvr2S_XSSu-bkcw3XZUMK1C9nW9VBx8xTk8SLSUg3LW2RUlEt$

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