Equine Nutrition

Nutrition in performance horses

Dr. Sarah White is delineating optimal nutrient requirements for performance horses to maximize skeletal muscle and overall animal health. Our laboratory investigates the effects of dietary interventions, including but not limited to inorganic vs complexed trace minerals, dietary selenium concentrations, and supplementation with a yeast byproduct, all in exercising horses. By evaluating measures that span from mitochondrial density and capacity to systemic and joint inflammation, we will be able to make clear recommendations for nutrient levels, many of which are still unknown in performance horses.


Evaluating equine feeding behavior utilizing GrowSafe Systems: a pilot study By Sarah H. White Emily C Dickson, William C Kayser, Christine M Latham, Jessica L Leatherwood, Courtney L Daigle

Evaluation of conjugated linoleic acid supplementation on markers of joint inflammation and cartilage metabolism in young horses challenged with lipopolysaccharide By Jessica Leatherwood

Effect of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on markers of inflammation in young horses in training By Jessica Leatherwood

Dietary selenium improves skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis in young equine athletes. By White SH, Wohlgemuth S, Li C, Warren LK.

Submaximal exercise training, more than dietary selenium supplementation, improves antioxidant status and ameliorates exercise-induced oxidative damage to skeletal muscle in young equine athletes. By Sarah White

Dietary selenium and prolonged exercise alter gene expression and activity of antioxidant enzymes in equine skeletal muscle. By Sarah White

Trace mineral supplementation of yearling horses By Sarah H White, Latham, CM, RN Owen, EC Dickson, CK Larson

Nutrient digestion and voluntary intake of mature horses


Influence of diet fortification on body composition and apparent digestion in mature horses consuming a forage low in nutritive value by Jessica L. Letherwood

Evaluating equine feeding behavior utilizing GrowSafe Systems By Jessica Leatherwood, Courtney Daigle, and Sarah White


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