Areas Of Excellence: Physiology of Reproduction


Adverse organogenesis and predisposed long-term metabolic syndrome from prenatal exposure to fine particulate matter By Guoyao Wua,1,2, Jacob Browna,1, Misti L. Zamorab,1,3, Alyssa Millera,1, M. Carey Satterfielda, Cynthia J. Meiningerc, Chelsie B. Steinhauserd, Gregory A. Johnsond, Robert C. Burghardtd, Fuller W. Bazera, Yixin Lie, Natalie M. Johnsonf, Mario J. Molinag,, and Renyi Zhang


Bacterial taxonomic composition of the postpartum cow uterus and vagina prior to artificial insemination By Ky Pohler

Effect of maternal nutrient restriction on skeletal muscle mass and associated molecular pathways in SGA and Non-SGA sheep fetus

By K.A. Dunlap, M.C. Satterfield


FTY720, a sphingosine analog, altered placentome histoarchitecture in ewes By Kathrin A. Dunlap,  Fuller W. Bazer1 , Guoyao Wu M. Carey Satterfield1


Neuroendocrine signaling pathways and the nutritional control of puberty in heifers By Rodolfo C. Cardoso, Bruna R.C. Alves, Gary L. Williams

Neuroendocrine, autocrine, and paracrine control of follicle-stimulating hormone secretion By Rodolfo C. Cardoso Vasantha Padmanabhana

The Power of Estrus Synchronization and AI.  By Ky Pohler 

Probing the Link Between Perinatal Nutrition and Puberty in Cattle By Gary William, Rodolfo Cardoso 

Pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAGs) and pregnancy loss in high vs sub fertility heifers By Ky Pohler

Pregnancy loss in beef cattle: A meta-analysis By Ky Pohler

Using pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAG) for pregnancy detection at day 24 of gestation in beef cattle By Ky Pohler

Uterine and vaginal bacterial community diversity prior to artificial insemination between pregnant and nonpregnant postpartum cows By Ky Pohler

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