Areas Of Excellence: Health Management


Completed Research Projects

  • Improving the understanding of bovine trichomoniasis and development novel diagnostic tools.
  • Determining the seroprevalence of bovine anaplasmosis in Texas, its geographical distribution, and development novel diagnostic tools
  • Determining the prevalence of epizootic hemorrhagic disease in Texas and the location of vectors for such diseases
  • Determining the prevalence and control measures for bovine anaplasmosis and babesiosis in dairy cattle imported from the United States to Panama
  • Vaccination protocols to mitigate incidence of respiratory disease in feedlot cattle
  • Identification of stress-induced mechanisms that trigger inflammatory reactions in cattle

Ongoing Projects and Future Directions

  • Study to assist with vector borne disease and how to predict cattle tick load using near infrared spectrometry
  • Study to identify parasite resistance status in cattle adapted to tropical and subtropical environments
  • Identification of inflammatory markers that facilitate development of stress-related diseases in cattle
  • Selection of cattle resilient to stress-induced inflammation and subsequent incidence of respiratory diseases in the feedlot

Research and publications in the Areas of Excellence

Department of Animal Science Areas of Excellence

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