ANSC 494 Student Internship Application

The Department of Animal Science strongly believes in the value of an internship opportunity.  Internships should be face-to-face and hands-on; therefore, if you have acquired an internship opportunity for the upcoming semester we will be evaluating your potential experience and enrolling students in the appropriate course credits. If you are interested in receiving course credit for internship work you perform during the Spring 2023 semester, please complete the application form available here. The application must be completed by  January 2, 2023, by 5:00 pm to receive potential course credit for the upcoming spring semester. If you have any additional questions related to internship opportunities and enrollment into ANSC 494 Internship /ANSC 399 Animal Science Experience courses, please email Ms. Donna Witt (

  1. Complete the application form on the website – all questions MUST be completely answered.
  2. Application direct link:
  3. If requested hours are approved-all hours will be added to your spring schedule. You do not need to register for this.  Students cannot exceed 5 credit hours of ANSC 494 in their undergraduate program.  80hrs of internship work=1 credit hour
  4. All Equine Certificate Internship questions need to be directed to

ANSC 494/ ANSC 399 Student Internship Application Form 

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