Honors Program in Animal Science

Entrance Requirements

Students are Honors-eligible as entering Freshmen if they graduated in the top 10 percent of their high school class and have an SAT of at least 1310 (verbal+math, with a minimum score of 630 in reading and 590 in math, or a 28 on the ACT (minimum score of 27 each on verbal and math).

Current and potential ANSC majors who have an overall GPR of ≥ 3.5 are eligible for admission to the Department Honors Program.  Students are encouraged to consult with an ANSC Academic Advisor as early as possible in their academic career to plan their course sequence.

Applying to Honors in Animal Science

Presently there is no separate application for our honors program. Eligible incoming students (freshman or transfer) may indicate their interest in joining the honors program at their New Student Conference. Currently enrolled students may contact the Animal Science Advising Office for instructions on how to join the honors program as a continuing student. Honors in Animal Science is only available to Animal Science majors.

Honors Recognition and Graduation with Honors

All completed Honors coursework taken at Texas A&M University is designated as such on a student’s official transcript, showing that the student has taken part in this enhanced curriculum.  After graduation, the transcript will designate that the student has achieved the distinction of “Honors in Animal Science”, as well as any other University academic distinctions. Honors Candidate must file for Departmental Honors distinction through the ANSC Undergraduate Advising Office during the semester they will complete their undergraduate degree.


In addition to satisfying the requirements for the Animal Science major, honors students must satisfy the following requirements:


Participants in the Animal Science Honors Program must maintain a cumulative TAMU GPR of at least 3.50 and a GPR in honors courses of at least 3.25 and no grade in an honors course below a “C”.

Honors Courses (18 hours minimum)

To achieve ANSC Honors, a student must complete 18 hours of Honors coursework.

  1. Twelve (12) hours of honors-level ANSC coursework.
    1. At least (9) hours of ANSC courses must be at the 300/400 level.
    2. At least 0-6 hours of 400-level directed studies or research with honors credit (485 or 491).  No more than 6 honors credits in 491H and 485H combined.
  2.  Six (6) additional hours of honors-level coursework.

Eligible ANSC Courses

ANSC 107

ANSC 108

ANSC 303

ANSC 307

ANSC 433

ANSC 485

ANSC 491

Honors Contract and 485/491 Courses

Honors candidate may seek honors credit for a regularly scheduled non-honors ANSC course and/or ANSC 485/491 courses by submitting an Honors Course Contract Application to the Honors and Undergraduate Research office.

For further information about ANSC Honors, please contact:

Natalie Bauer
Academic Advisor II
Kleberg Advising Hub
109 KLCT
Phone: (979) 845-7616
E-mail: natalie.bauer@ag.tamu.edu

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