Laboratory for Uterine Biology & Pregnancy – Facilities


Pictured above, left to right: Nikon Microscope Digital Workstation, Typhoon Multi-Imager, & Cell Culture Room (all located in Kleberg).


Pictured above, left to right: Laboratory in 437 Kleberg, Laboratory in 441 Kleberg, and Gamma Counter (located in Kleberg).


Pictured above: Beta Counter (located in Kleberg), Tedrad-PCR (located in the Genetics Laboratory-Kleberg), and the MegaBACE Capillary Sequence (located in the Genetics Laboratory-Kleberg).


Pictured above: Individual paddocks, working facilities, and paddocks (all located ad the physiology field laboratory).

Center for Animal Biotechnology & Genomics
Room 442 Kleberg; 2471 TAMU
College Station, TX, 77843
Phone: 979-862-2159
Laboratory Phone: 979-845-0417
Fax: 979-862-2662

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