Animal Nutrition Publications

Beef & Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Bale Weight: How Important Is It? by Jason Banta

Body Condition, Nutrition & Reproduction of Beef Cows by Dennis Herd & L. R. Sprott

Composition of Alternative Feeds – Dry Basis by Dennis Herd

Drought Feeding Management by Dennis Herd

Effects of Grazing a Brown Midrib vs. a Normal Sorghum x Sudan Hybrid on Steer Performance by Jason Banta, Ted McCollum & Wayne Greene

Effect of diet on non-nutritive oral behavior performance in cattle: A systematic review by Courtney Daigle

Factors & Feeds for Supplementing Beef Cattle  by Stephen Hammack & Ron Gill

Feeding the Transition Dairy Cow by Sandra Stokes

Mineral Supplementation of Beef Cows in Texas by Dennis Herd

Monitoring Feed Efficiency in Dairy Herds by Sandra Stokes & Greg Bethard

Nutritional Considerations for Preconditioned Weaned Calves by Ted McCollum

Performance of Stocker Cattle Grazing a Brown Midrib Sorghum x Sudan Hybrid in Either a Continuous or Rotational Grazing System by Jason Banta, Ted McCollum, Wayne Greene, K. W. McBride, G. Scaglia, J. J. Williams, Brent Bean, & R. Van Meter

Phosphorus Removal by Silages of Corn & Varieties of Forage Sorghum and Sorghum-sudangrass by Ted McCollum & Brent Bean

Rations for a 1100 Pound Dry 225 Day Pregnant Cow, BCS=5, for Gain, with Minimum Activity & No Weather Stress by Dennis Herd

Rations for a 1100 Pound Lactating Cow, 80 Days Post-calving, 18 Pounds Peak Milk by Dennis Herd

Rations for Cows on Coastal Hay by Dennis Herd

Rations for Cows on Sorghum-Type Hay by Dennis Herd

Supplementation Strategies for Beef Cattle by Ted McCollum

Supplementing Stocker Cattle by Matt Cravey

The Cow’s Digestive System by Whitney Rounds & Dennis Herd

Tracking Dairy Efficiency  by Sandra Stokes

Understanding Forage Utility Analysis by Sandra Stokes & Eric Prostko

Equine Nutrition

Design & Use of Creep Feeders for Foals by Pete Gibbs

Estimating Horse Body Weight With a Simple Formula by Pete Gibbs & Doug Householder

Feeding Management Points for Texas Horse Owners by Doug Householder, Pete Gibbs, Gary Potter & Karen Davidson

Feeding the Mature Idle Horse at Maintenance by Doug Householder & Gary Potter

Feeding the Performance Horse by Gary Potter & Pete Gibbs

Feeding Young Horses for Sound Developmentby Gary Potter & Pete Gibbs

Horse Pastures for Texas by Donald Dorsett & Doug Householder

Nutritional Management of Pregnant & Lactating Maresby Pete Gibbs & Karen Davidson

Selection & Use of Feedstuffs in Horse Feeding  by Pete Gibbs, Doug Householder & Gary Potter

Selection & Use of Roughages in Horse Feeding by Pete Gibbs & Karen Davidson

Stallion Nutrition by Pete Gibbs

Sheep & Goat Nutrition

Acidosis (Grain Overlaod, Founder) by Shawn Ramsey

Copper Toxicity by Shawn Ramsey

Creep Feeding Kid Goats by Rick Machen

Exterotoxemia Type D by Shawn Ramsey

Goat Nutrition: Energy by Rick Machen

Goat Nutrition: Protein by Rick Machen

Minerals by Rick Machen

What About Hay by Rick Machen

What Range Herbivores Eat & Why by Robert Lyons, T. D. A. Forbes & Rick Machen

Swine Nutrition

Paylean Use in Show Pigs by Jodi Sterle

The Facts About Paylean: Ractopamine for Swine by Jodi Sterle

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