Meat Science Publications

You may also want to view the Prime Cuts Newsletter and the Technical Topis Bulletins, which are published by the meat science section.

General Information

Beef Carcass Chilling: Current Understanding, Future Challenges

Beef Customer Satisfaction Report

Beef Quality & Yield Grading

Be Sure Your Thermometer is Ready for Use

Carcass Pathogen Interventions by Mike DeLaZerda

Dollars & Sense Handbook

EXCEL Smart Choice CARDS

Freezing & Thawing Meat by Brian Covington

Color and Food Safety Considerations When Smoking versus Grilling Ground Beef Patties by Davey Griffin

Making Some Sense Out of Ground Beef Labeling by Davey Griffin

Preliminary Report for Yield and Time Data on IBP User Friendly Products by Andrew Martin, Carol Lorenzen, Davey Griffin, John Walter, Jeff Savell, H. Kenneth Johnson, & T.R. Dockerty

Pork Quality Issues by Rob Maddock

Beef Quality Grades Chart

USDA Beef Carcass Grades: Purpose and Application by D.S. Hale, H.R. Cross, J.W. Savell, & G.C. Smith

Warner-Bratzler Shear Force Measurement by Dave McKenna

Youth Meat Judging Publications & Study Guides

2004 Practice Meat Judging Contest ID Results & Question Classes

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