Department of Animal Science Graduate Faculty

Members of the Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty Member Major Area of Research
Dr. Gary Acuff Food microbiology
Dr. Jason Banta Beef cattle
Dr. Fuller Bazer Physiology of reproduction and Animal biotechnology
Dr. Gordon Carstens Nutritional physiology
Dr. Alejandro Castillo Food microbiology
Dr. Russell Cross Meat science
Dr. David Forrest Reproductive endocrinology
Dr. Ted Friend Applied ethology (behavior) and Animal welfare science
Dr. Clare Gill Animal genomics
Dr. Davey Griffin Meat science
Dr. Dan Hale Meat science
Dr. Kerri Gehring Meat science
Dr. Andy Herring Beef cattle
Dr. Nancy Ing Molecular endocrinology
Dr. Ellen Jordan Reproductive physiology
Dr. Charles Long Animal breeding
Dr. Ted McCollum Beef cattle nutrition and management
Dr. Rhonda Miller Meat science and technology
Dr. Wes Osburn Meat science
Dr. Joe Paschal Beef cattle breeding and genetics, Ruminant nutrition
Dr. Shawn Ramsey Sheep and goat program
Dr. R.D. Randel Reproductive physiology
Dr. Penny Riggs Bovine functional genomics
Dr. David Riley Animal breeding and genetics
Dr. Jim Sanders Beef cattle breeding
Dr. Carey Satterfield Reproductive biology
Dr. Jeff Savell Meat quality/safety
Dr. Jason Sawyer Beef cattle
Dr. Dennis Sigler Equine exercise physiology
Dr. Chris Skaggs Livestock production
Dr. Stephen Smith Composition and accretion of adipose and muscle
Dr. Matt Taylor Food microbiology and food safety
Dr. Luis Tedeschi Animal nutrition
Dr. Michael Tomaszewski Dairy management
Dr. Dan Waldron Genetic improvement of meat
Dr. Tom Welsh Endocrine physiology
Dr. Travis Whitney Animal nutrition
Dr. Tryon Wickersham Ruminant nutrition
Dr. Gary Williams Reproductive endocrinology/neuroendocrinology; beef cattle, horses
Dr. Guoyao Wu Protein metabolism and nutritional biochemistry

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