Animal Breeding & Genetics Publications

Texas Adapted Strategies for Beef Cattle

I. An Overview by Stephen Hammack

II. Genetic-Environmental Interaction by Stephen Hammack

III. Body Size & Milking Level by Stephen Hammack and Ron Gill

IV: Breeding Systems by Stephen Hammack

V: Type and Breed Characteristics and Uses by Stephen Hammack

VI: Creating Breeds by Stephen Hammack

VII: Sire Types for Commercial Herds by Stephen Hammack

VIII: Expected Progeny Differences by Stephen Hammack & Joe Paschal

IX: Selection for Carcass Merit by Stephen Hammack

X: Frame Score, Frame Size, and Weight by Stephen Hammack & Ron Gill

XI: Marker Assisted Selection for Beef Improvement by Joe Paschal

More Publications

Commercial Bull Selection Made EZ by Rick Machen

Elimination of the Porcine Stress Gene: What the Show Pig Industry Needs to Know by Jodi Sterle

Matching Breeding Programs with Industry Targets: Use of Frame Score & Weight in Beef Cattle Selection by Ron Gill

The Frequency of the Porcine Stress Gene in Texas Show Pigs by Jodi Sterle

The Genetics of Equine Coat Color by Doug Householder

Understanding the Genetic & Environmental Interactions by Jodi Sterle

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