Molecular Endocrinology Research Interests

Our main interest is to determine how steroid hormones precisely regulate cellular processes required in early pregnancy. We study gene expression and its mechanisms in:

  • Estradiol Modulated Estrogen Receptor Alpha mRNA Decay (poster)
  • Differential Gene Expression Associated with Fertility in Horses (poster)
  • Effects of Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs) on Uterine Tissue
  • Gene Expression Changes in Goat Testes During Development and in Sperm During the Breeding and Non-Breeding Seasons: A Novel Male Fertility Test? (poster)
  • Estrogen Up-Regulates Estrogen Receptor-a (ESR1) Gene Expression Post transcriptionally by Inducing A + U-Rich Binding Factor1 to Bind & Stabilize ESR1 mRNA (poster)
  • Peri-pubertal Changes in Structure, Gene Expression, and Testosterone Production in Goat Testes (poster)
  • The Cardiotonic Bufodienolide Steroid Marinobufagenin Alters Messenger RNA Concentrations of Soluble Flt-1 in Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cell Monolayers (poster)
  • The Dog as a Novel Animal Model for Leiomyoma Research (poster)

In addition, we have a pilot project on discovering genes and regulate expression in the uterus, in embryos, and in ova.

Recent Publications

Texas A&M University | College of Veterinary Medicine | Department of Animal Science | Program in Genetics | Reproductive Biology

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