ANSC 310

  • Instructor: Dr. Ted Friend
  • Course Objectives
    • Develop an understanding of basic ethological principles pertinent to domestic farm animals.
    • Learn species specific behavior of the domestic farm species.
    • Learn to apply ethological principles and species specific behavioral traits to the handling, housing and management of domestic farm species.
    • Learn what factors can influence the behavior of an animal or group of animals.
    • Develop observational skills and learn how to report behavioral observations.
    • Become proficient with some of the methods used in ethological research, current problems involving farm animal behavior, and major journals and references dealing with farm animal behavior.
  • Topic Outline
    • Part I: General Topics Some History, Basic Components of Behavior, The Physiology of Behavior, Sensation and Perception, Behavior and Domestication, Learning, Temperature and Behavior, Nutritional Wisdom, Stress, Handling and Welfare, etc.
    • Part II: Species Specific Behavior Cattle, Sheep & Goats, Horses, and Pigs. The exact order of species will vary each semester, depending on availability of animals, breeding schedules, etc.
  • Materials (Fall 2014)

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