Horse Center

The Texas A&M Horse Center encompasses approximately 120 acres located within one mile of campus, adjacent to the Pearce Pavilion on George Bush Drive. The Horse Center is comprised of four buildings, including a central barn and office area, breeding barn, nutrition barn, hay barn, and several pasture areas.

Texas A&M University registered its first horse with the American Quarter Horse Association in 1941, which established our herd that remains the most continuous herd of American Quarter Horses on any campus in the world. Currently, the Horse Center is home to an average of 100 Quarter Horses and one miniature horse. The Center continues to breed and sell horses throughout Texas, giving students a hands-on look at the horse industry from breeding to management to marketing.

Additionally, the Horse Center features an outside area used for teaching, research and Extension activities. The entire facility is set up to effectively teach activities such as breeding, artificial insemination, live animal evaluation, animal health demonstrations, and behavior demonstrations. The facility can accommodate animal holding and feeding areas for both group and individual horses. Lanes allow easy access and movement of horses within the facility.

Texas A&M University Horse Center
Krissy Schroeder, Facilities Manager/Breeding Manager
(979) 966-8826

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