March Competitive Teams Results

The competitive teams had a busy March with contests, clinics and more. Check out the results below!

Dairy Challenge Team

Congratulations to the Texas A&M National Dairy Challenge! These members travelled to Saratoga, New York. The National Team evaluated a dairy based upon their nutrition, reproduction and general health and presented their findings to a panel of judges. This presentation was judged and placed amongst other universities. We are so proud of our Dairy Challenge Team!

The team members are:

  • Allison Hajny
  • Emily Read
  • Allen Schwartz
  • Haley Williams
  • Coach: Wyatt Harlan

We would also like to recognize the Texas A&M Dairy Challenge Academy Team. We are so proud of their accomplishments!

These members are:

  • Griffin Matthys
  • McKenzie McGinniss
  • Coach: Wyatt Harlan

Livestock Judging Team

The Texas A&M Livestock Judging Team competed at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo judging contest. The results are as follows:


  • 6th Overall
  • 1st Sheep/goats
  • 3rd Brahman
  • 5th Reasons
  • 5th Placings
  • 6th Cattle
  • 6th Hogs


  • Keaton Woods: 5th overall, 2nd sheep/goats, 4th placings, 6th brahman
  • John Reaves: 2nd Hogs
  • Abby Johnson: 5th sheep/goats

Alternates Division

  • Mikala Grady: 5th overall, 2nd hogs, 4th reasons, 5th sheep/goats
  • Kaitlyn Cloud: 10th overall,
  • Abi Hooper: 2nd reasons, 4th sheep/goats, 6th brahman, 6th cattle
  • Aspen Martin: 5th hogs
  • Austin Maners: 6th hogs
  • Eleeza Waggoner: 8th reasons

Other team members include Kevin Jendrusch, Saige Ward and Will Spicer.

Judging Clinic hosted by Livestock Judging Team

The 2023 Texas A&M Livestock Judging Team hosted over 600 participants in the annual Livestock Judging Clinic at Louis Pearce Pavilion on Saturday, March 25. This clinic provides learning opportunities for teams preparing for Area FFA and District 4-H competitions.

Meat Judging Team

Dr. Davey Griffin, extension meat specialist; Jennifer Wyle, meat judging team coordinator; Ray Riley, Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center manager; and the 2023 Texas Aggie Meat Judging Team hosted a meat judging clinic Saturday, March 25. 2023, in conjunction with other programs across the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We hosted more than 325 students from over 70 programs across the state. Students were given the opportunity to judge 12 classes of beef, lamb and pork products and see 114 different retail meat cuts. The 2023 judging team led mini-clinics in the classroom that included logic in evaluation of classes and instructions and insight into taking notes for questions and reasons. The team also worked one-on-one with students in the meat lab helping them better understand each class that was presented.

Meat Animal Evaluation Team

The 2023 Texas A&M Meat Animal Evaluation Team competed at the 2023 National Meat Animal Evaluation Contest in Canyon, TX March 26-28. The Aggies worked extremely hard to bring home a 3rd place overall finish in the “granddaddy” of all judging competitions. The contest consists of judging live market animals, breeding animals, meats, and has a communication division. The Department recently revived this program and this is only our 2nd team to compete from Texas A&M in 15 years. We are extremely proud of them representing Texas A&M at the national contest.

Team Results:

  • Overall – 3rd
  • Meats Division – 1st
  • Market Division – 4th
  • Beef Evaluation – 2nd
  • Lamb Evaluation – 4th
  • Swine Evaluation – 3rd
  • Breeding Division – 6th
  • Communications – 4th


  • Gage Walsh – 7th overall, 8th beef evaluation, 2nd meats
  • Morgan McKinzie – 12th overall, 8th meats
  • Nathan Barrett – 15th overall, 4th beef evaluation, 4th meats
  • Molly Hicks – 18th overall, 5th beef evaluation
  • Bailey Lamb – 20th overall, 8th sheep evaluation

Other team members include: Abby Tack (6th meats) and Cassie Brown. The team is coached by Ian Lovell and Tanner Wright, meat science graduate students.

Ranch Horse Team

The Ranch Horse Team competed at the SHTX Show in Bryan, TX on March 4-5, 2023.

RESERVE D1 Team out of 5 schools

Non pro:

  • Emma Thrasher: 2nd all around, 2nd trail, 2nd reining, 6th cow, 4th pleasure
  • Sara Saxe: 8th all around, 9th trail, 5th reining, 8th cow, 7th pleasure
  • Tucker Gillespie: 9th all around, 4th trail, 9th reining, 9th cow

Ltd. Non pro:

  • Reagan Loxton: 7th all around, 2nd trail, 3rd pleasure tie
  • Josh Nichols: 3rd all around, 6th trail, 1st cow, 6th pleasure
  • Haley Winkler: 8th trail 7th reining, 3rd pleasure tie
  • Kaley Berkely: 9th cow


  • Grace Chambers: 3rd all around, 4th trail, 8th reining, 8th cow, 2nd pleasure
  • Anna Beth Muck: 7th all around, 3rd reining, 1st pleasure
  • Kelly Wendel: 2nd trail, 10th reining

Lubbock Show Results:

We were just 7 points shy of coming home with a Championship this week, ending with a 3rd place in D1 Collegiate at the SHTX Show in Lubbock on Saturday, April 1. We have a ton of individual successes that we are proud of and pray that the stars align at Nationals in a few weeks! Thank you to all the sponsors that made this long journey feasible, we couldn’t do it without you!

Non Pro:

  • Sara Saxe: 3rd All-Around, Trail 3rd, Pleasure 5th, Reining 3rd
  • Tucker Gillespie: 9th All-Around, Trail 6th, Reining 5th
  • Emma Thrasher: Cow 5th

Limited Non Pro:

  • Reagan Loxton: 1st All-Around, Reining 5th, Pleasure 4th, Trail 7th, Cow 6th
  • Haley Winkler: 3rd All-Around, Reining 8th, Pleasure 1st, Trail 3rd
  • Josh Nichols: 5th All-Around, Cow 4th, Trail 1st
  • Kaley Berkley: Cow 1st


  • Anna Beth: 1st All-Around, Pleasure 1st, Trail 3rds, Reining 5th
  • Krisondra McMellian: 5th All-Around, Pleasure 2nd, Cow 3rd
  • Kelly Wendel: Trail 5th, Reining 7th
  • Grace Chamber: Trail 1st

Rodeo Team

The Texas A&M rodeo team had a good March.  The ladies won their own rodeo with Madalyn Richards winning the goat tying, 3rd in breakaway roping and first in the all around,  Victoria Procter was second in the barrels, Brooke Krolczyk was 4th in barrels.  On the Men’s side, Gavin French won 3rd in the bareback riding, Conner Atkinson was 8th in Tie Down roping and Boyd Hanagriff was 8th in steer wrestling. Also during this rodeo, the team honored Dr. Al Wagner for all that he and his wife, Judy, have done for Texas Aggie Rodeo throughout the last three decades. He has been dubbed as Texas Aggie Rodeo’s “forever coach.” The team also honored outgoing student president Laramie Wedemeyer with a buckle to thank her for all the hard work over the last two years.

At the Wharton County Jr. College Rodeo, the ladies won team again.  Victoria Procter was 3rd in girls barrel race, Britta Strain was 5th in barrels and Madalyn Richards was 3rd in goat tying.  The Men ended up 5th as a team, with Boyd Hanagriff placing second in steer wrestling and Trace Harris third in steer wrestling.  Connor Atkinson was 7th in tie down roping.

The Hill College rodeo was not as kind team wise, but Britta Strain was 3rd in girls barrel race, Emma Smith was fifth in barrels, Cora Stewart was 5th in goat tying and Chali Simpson was 6th in breakaway roping.  The Men’s team ended up 3rd with Boyd Hanagriff winning the steer wrestling, Paxton Wood was 7th in same event, Connor Atkinson was 5th in tie down roping.

For the year, with one rodeo to go, the Ladies are in first place and the Men are in 6th place.

Dr. Al Wagner Dedication

Not only did we rope calves, run barrels, ride broncs and brand steers at the 2023 TAMU College rodeo, but we also honored Dr. Al Wagner for all that he and his wife, Judy, have done for Texas Aggie Rodeo throughout the last 3 decades. He has been dubbed as Texas Aggie Rodeo’s “forever coach.”
The team also honored outgoing student president Laramie Wedemeyer with a buckle to thank her for all of her hard work over the last two years.
Thank you again to all that made the rodeo more successful than ever before!

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