2022 Texas A&M Equine Reproductive Management Short Course

The Texas A&M Equine Reproductive Management Short Course has been an annual AgriLife Extension event since its inception in the late 1970s.  Breeders, owners, and managers gather for three days to discuss breeding techniques and best management practices to improve efficiency and care. The challenges of 2021 led Extension Horse Specialists, Chelsie Huseman and Jennifer Zoller, to move the course to a virtual platform, resulting in a new on-demand online course housed at agrilifelearn.tamu.edu.

Fortunately, the course was able to move forward with in-person attendance for 2022 allowing for the trademark hands on experiences that the course is traditionally known for.  The 2022 Texas A&M Reproductive Management Short Course took place in College Station January 12-14, 2022.  Participants came from Texas, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, New York and California, to learn about stallion and mare management through morning lectures and afternoon practicums at the new Equine Nutrition Research and Reproductive Teaching Center. “The space provided at the new facility allowed participants to take full advantage of hands-on opportunities, such as collecting stallions, evaluating tracts in the lab, and assessing mare cyclicity.  Offering those hands-on opportunities at a beautiful facility designed for teaching, really maximizes the learning outcomes for our participants” says Zoller.

Thanks to industry professionals and Texas A&M University faculty speakers, the course participants were able to hear from experts in their respective fields.  Guest speakers for the course included:

College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences

  • Sheila G. Spacek, DVM, MS, Veterinary Resident Equine Theriogenology
  • Camilo Hernández-Avilés, DVM, PhD Candidate, Veterinary Resident Equine Theriogenology

Industry Professionals

  • Martha Vogelsang, PhD – Owner Birdsong Farms
  • Stephen Vogelsang, MS – Owner Birdsong Farms

Department of Animal Science

  • Terry Hensley, DVM, MS – Extension Veterinarian, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension & Assistant Agency Director, Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Jennifer Zoller, PhD – Assistant Professor and Extension Horse Specialist
  • Jessica Leatherwood, PhD – Associate Professor
  • Paige Linne, MEIM – Lecturer, Equine Science
  • Krissy Schroeder – Horse Center Manager
  • Rafael Martinez, MS – PhD Candidate
  • Lexi Romo, graduate student
  • Amanda Baxter, graduate student


For more information regarding news from the Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Texas A&M University, please email maggie.berger@ag.tamu.edu.

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