Dr. Alice P. Brandao Receives the Emerging Young Scholar Award from the Southern Section of the American Society of Animal Science

January 2022 – Dr. Alice P. Brandao is the recipient of the 2022 Southern Section of the American Society of Animal Science (SSASAS) Emerging Young Scholar Award, presented to her this week during the 2022 Southern Section Meeting held in Fort Worth, TX.

Dr. Alice Poggi Brandao received a B. Sc. in Veterinary Medicine from Sao Paulo State University in 2013. She also received MS degree in Animal Science from Sao Paulo State University in 2016, where her thesis focused on dairy cattle production and physiology. In 2021, Dr. Brandao obtained her PhD in Animal Science at Texas A&M University, where she investigated the use of omega-6 fatty acids supplements to improve physiological and productive responses in beef cattle. During her graduate career, Dr. Brandao published 36 journal articles, 13 peer-reviewed research proceedings, and 25 research abstracts. Dr. Brandao plays a significant role in outreach and teaching efforts, serving as Program Assistant for the Texas A&M – International Beef Cattle Academy. She has received the 2021 ASAS Wettemann Graduate Scholar in Physiology Award, the 2018 ASAS Western Section Applied Animal Research, and placed second in the 2018 ASAS Southern Section PhD Student Competition.

The ASAS Southern Section Emerging Young Scholar Award recognizes exceptional research being conducted within the southern region by Ph.D. candidates and their mentors.


Southern media contact: Dr. Meghan Wulster-Radcliffe, meghanwr@asas.org

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