How to transform cheap chuck steak and roast into a great meal

By Chuck Blount

There isn’t anything cut off a cow that’s named Steve, Eric or Lisa, but there is a major cut named after me: Chuck. I think that’s bovine providence. And the good news is that chuck’s plenty tasty.

Chuck cuts come from the front shoulder area, a large area of muscle that is asked to do a lot of work and hold up a lot of weight. Hardworking muscles have a tendency to be flavorful, but they also have a reputation for being tough. Brisket, which is situated directly below the chuck, has the same issue.

Packaged as chuck roasts or chuck steaks (sometimes labeled flat-iron streaks, Denver steak, or 7-bone roast or steak), these cuts are inexpensive meat market and grocery staples that are surging in popularity.

“The chuck roast really has some of the same muscles as a rib-eye roll, and the differences are very minor,” said Ray Riley, a meat science expert at Texas A&M University. “The beef industry has put a lot of attention into promoting these underutilized cuts, and people are starting to notice.”

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Via the source San Antonio Express News / How to transform cheap chuck steak and roast into a great meal

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