AgriLife Extension publishes sheep, goat how-to validation YouTube video series

Series meant to simplify statewide show-animal process

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SAN ANGELO – The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service has published a YouTube series demonstrating the various procedures of the Texas 4-H and FFA sheep and goat validation program.

Marvin Ensor, AgriLife Extension regional program leader at San Angelo, said the state validation programs are designed to promote fair competition among youth exhibitors.

Josh Blanek, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service agent in Tom Green County, narrates five Texas 4-H and FFA Sheep and Goat Validation Program videos. (Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service photo by Steve Byrns)

“The validation program is an animal identification process that is utilized to enforce rules related to ownership requirements, possession, care of animals and unethical management practices,” Ensor said.

Marty Gibbs, AgriLife Extension district administrator, and Dr. Reid Redden, the agency’s state sheep and goat specialist, both of San Angelo, join Ensor to comprise the state sheep and goat validation committee.

The sheep and goat validation program involves more than 20,000 animals annually, exhibited in all the state’s major youth livestock shows. The state’s program is administered through the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center at San Angelo.

All the videos can be found on the official AgriLife Extension Sheep and Goat Validation of Texas site .  Josh Blanek, veteran AgriLife Extension agent in Tom Green County, narrates the videos.

“The actual validation process is fairly straightforward, but there are some nuances that must be adhered to that can be a bit confusing for some not familiar with certain aspects of the program,” Gibbs said. “To remedy any misunderstandings and assuage the myriad questions we receive annually, AgriLife Extension has produced a series of five short no-frills YouTube videos. Each video covers a specific aspect of the program, including the initial video dealing with materials needed, and the four others, which cover market lamb validation, market goat validation, breeding sheep validation and breeding goat validation.”

Gibbs said the initial materials video is applicable to the other videos and he recommends viewing it prior to watching any of the others. The remaining videos explain when and what to do, and demonstrate each procedure as it pertains to the respective class of livestock.

“By using the YouTube format, parents, youth, AgriLife Extension agents and FFA instructors can have all the necessary information they need on their smartphones even as questions arise on the designated validation days,” Gibbs said. “We’re confident the YouTubes will go a long way in quelling further misunderstandings surrounding the process from now on.”


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