International students visit ANSC

COLLEGE STATION – Since 2011, students from Universidad Autónoma Chapingo (UAC), have been visiting the Texas A&M University Department of Animal Science.  UAC is an agricultural college located in Texcoco, Mexico State in Mexico.

Dr. Baldomero Alarcon-Zuniga is a professor of animal science and the leader of their study abroad tour. Each year Dr. Alarcon brings approximately 60 junior animal science majors for the study tour in Texas with the purpose of the trip being to educate the students through experiential learning opportunities regarding application of livestock production, management, and harvesting practices in another country.

The Equine Workshop included an interactive live animal exercise at the Freeman Arena and a tour of the Hildebrand Equine Complex. The Meats Workshop was held at the Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center. In addition to the workshops on Equine Management, Meat Science and Poultry Management at Texas A&M University, the students tour livestock production enterprises such as Kallion Farms Brahmans and livestock technology facilities such as Sexing Technologies and Bovine Elite. The group also attended a pasture management and wildlife workshop in Katy, Texas before returning home.

Dr. Jessica Leatherwood talks to students about equine nutrition and feeding.

Dr. Cliff Lamb, Professor and Head of the Department of Animal Science, welcomed the group and Dr. Wes Osburn, Interim Associate Head for Academic Programs, presented an overview of the graduate programs in the Department.  Dr. Jessica Leatherwood and Dr. Sarah White coordinated the Equine Management Workshop and Dr. Dan Hale Coordinated the Meat Science Workshop. Dr. David Forrest served as the host of the group for the two-days devoted to the Department of Animal Science.


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