Engle receives travel grant for ISAG conference in Dublin

COLLEGE STATION – Bailey Engle, an animal science graduate student at Texas A&M University, has been awarded a travel bursary to present her research at the International Society for Animal Genetics Conference in Dublin, Ireland in July. She received the grant based on the recommendations of the Animal Genetics journal editors.

Engle’s research, “Influence of a 1 Mb region of BTA 5 on beef cow stability in Bos indicus x Bos Taurus crossbred cows,” was recently presented at the Texas Genetics Society meeting, winning her the graduate student oral competition. This is the same research she will present in Ireland.

“Research in the area of beef cow longevity in tropically adapted cattle is essential for the long-term sustainability of beef production systems around the world,” said Cliff Lamb, Ph.D., professor and head of animal science. “The Department of Animal Science is proud to have Bailey working on her graduate degree as a recipient of a USDA National Needs Fellowship.”

Engle, of Big Timber, Mont., is studying beef cow longevity in tropically adapted cattle. She is seeking a doctorate degree in animal science working under the direction of Drs. Clare Gill and Andy Herring. She received her bachelor’s degree in animal science from Montana State University.

Engle will also be participating in a semester-long international research experience thanks to a supplement Gill was recently awarded in conjunction with her National Needs Fellowship training grant. Engle will work with Drs. Steve Moore and Ben Hayes to apply Bayesian approaches to identify regions of the genome associated with beef cow longevity using phenotypes and genotypes collected from herds belonging to northern Australian pastoral companies. This supplement is also allowing Kathy Scienski, another of Gill’s graduate students, to participate in a research experience with Dr. Alessandro Bagnato of the University of Milan in Italy, to identify genes controlling the extent of white spotting in Vadostana Pezzata Rossa, an Italian dual-purpose breed of cattle.


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