Cowboy Nutrition: A Quick Guide to Supplementation Strategies

Writer: C. P. Mathis, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management
J. E. Sawyer, Texas A&M University

In grazing operations, there are times when forage quality and/or availability are limited and ruminants are unable to consume enough nutrients from pasture forage to fulfill requirements. During such situations supplemental feeding is necessary to meet production goals. There are numerous commercial feed supplements available to producers, and an unlimited number of options for the development of custom supplements. It may be difficult to decide which supplement type (i.e., energy, protein,
etc.) best fits the goals of the livestock production system. A fundamental understanding of ruminant nutrition is helpful in making these decisions. It is also important to choose a delivery method that provides the targeted amount of desired nutrients to each animal in the herd and minimizes input costs.

The objectives of this publication are to aid producers in deciding the supplement type needed for grazing beef cattle and to describe the characteristics of supplement delivery methods.

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via source National Cattlemen  |  National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

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