Coverdale receives Distinguished Achievement Award

Writer: Courtney Coufal,

COLLEGE STATION – Dr. Josie Coverdale, associate professor in the Department of Animal Science, is the recipient of a 2015 Association of Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching at the College-Level.


Left, Dr. Mark Hussey, vice chancellor and dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Kallie Fuchs, president of COALS Student Council; Dr. Josie Coverdale, associate professor; and Marty Holmes, vice president of the Association of Former Students.

The award was presented during the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s Awards Ceremony held Sept. 16 in College Station.

Coverdale has been an integral member of the undergraduate and graduate teaching program in the Department of Animal Science for the past eight years. She teaches ANSC 201 Introductory Equine Care and Use, ANSC 221 Equine Safety and Handling, ANSC 303/NUTR 303 Principles of Animal Nutrition, ANSC 411 Equine Nutrition and Health, and ANSC 611 Equine Nutrition.

According to the nomination letter, Coverdale “successfully teaches in a variety of classroom settings, from an introductory equine course to capstone senior lever and graduate courses in equine nutrition. Dr. Coverdale’s strengths as a teacher lie in her ability to present interesting, factual, and usable information to students through a variety of delivery methods.”

Within the past year, Coverdale also has taken an active role in curriculum review and development for the equine section, serving on two committees working with industry professionals and university administration to determine timely objectives for coursework in equine science and revising current courses to meet the needs of the students.

In addition to teaching, Coverdale leads an active research program,has secured more than $800,000 for research in equine nutrition and mentors graduate students.

“She has successfully identified students with an interest in equine nutrition and heavily involved undergraduate students in her research program. This hands-on approach to teaching allows students to gain experience with large animals, explore the scientific methods, and think critically. Incorporating her research findings into the classroom encourages student to explore the field of study and develop their own sense of inquiry,” according to her nomination.

Coverdale received a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Texas A&M University, a master’s degree in equine nutrition from Iowa State University, and a doctorate in calf nutrition from Iowa State University.

The Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes, encourages, and rewards the superior classroom teachers whose command of their respective discipline, teaching methodologies, pervasive caring, communication skills, and commitment to the learning process exemplify the meaning of teacher/mentor in its highest sense. This award is designed to distinguish those teachers who maintain high expectations of their students and who ensure academic rigor in their courses.


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