Feedyard Foodie visits Aggieland


Anne Burkholder, the Feedyard Foodie, and her daughter Megan at Texas A&M University. (Photo courtesy The Feedyard Foodie blog)

COLLEGE STATION — Anne Burkholder, also known as the Feedyard Foodie, and her daughter Megan visited Texas A&M and the Department of Animal Science this September to share her agriculture story and encourage others to do the same.

Burkholder, a Nebraska feedyard operator and author of the Feedyard Foodie blog, is known for her consumer outreach and as an advocate for beef. In 2014 she was awarded the Beef Magazine’s Trailblazer Award and in 2013 was voted to Vance Publishing’s 40 under 40 in Agriculture.

You can read about Burkholder’s Aggieland experience on her blog at:

A Feed Yard Foodie in Aggieland…:


Megan and her Mom in Aggieland…:



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