BEEF Efficiency & Profit Contest

HaleCarstensLed by Dan Hale, TAMU professor and Extension meat specialist, and Gordon Carstens, TAMU professor of animal nutrition, the contest presents six steers with a high RFI (residual feed intake)(inefficient) and six steers with a low RFI (efficient) for readers’ evaluation. Photos and videos of these 12 steers are available for viewing on the BEEF websitewhich readers can use, along with the animals’ individual data, to make their choices.

In the November issue of BEEF, Hale and Carstens will present the actual results and discuss why RFI is an important trait in genetic slection. Then, in the December issue, BEEF will announce the prize winners in three categories. Up for grabs is more than $7,000 in prizes for the winners in three contest categories.

The aim of this 12-steer exercise is to demonstrate the importance of feed efficiency on the profitability of a cattle enterprise, as well as the role of other economically relevant traits such as performance and carcass quality on profitability. In addition, readers will learn about the importance of obtaining data on your cattle to help you make genetic and management changes in your herd and improve your bottom line.

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